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RCI® & Interval InternationaI® time share resales.....

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Cost: The only cost to sell your timeshare interval is $67 for the first week listed, and an additional $33 for each additional listing. There is no commission due at time-of-sale.

How much is my timeshare worth: In order to sell your timeshare, you must be realistic about the amount your timeshare is worth on the resale market. Generally, timeshares are sold on the resale market for between 40-60% of the original developer price. To attract the attention of potential buyers, it is important that you list it as low as you are willing to go so that your listings is not be ignored in favor of a slightly lower offering. Of course, all offers will be submitted.s

Experience and Expertise: Our knowledgeable, bi-lingual staff has over 20 years of first hand experience in the Timesharing Industry. We can answer essential questions and provide whatever is necessary to bring buyers and sellers together.

Exposure: www.timeshares-timeshares.com is one of the most highly-trafficed timeshare resale websites on the World Wide Web. The site is linked to 132 other tourism websites which receive over 10 million “hits” monthly. We also use banner advertising and targeted traditional print advertising to attract buyers.

Effectiveness: Our approach is multi-dimensional. We do not rely solely on our global reach via the internet, but distribute our listings with other timeshare resellers and brokers. Timeshares-timeshares is the best qualified resale company to handle the sale of your timeshare.

Non-exclusive agreement: You are free to list anywhere else you like. We will contact you if we have an interested buyer to verify that you still wish to sell the property.

Security: If you wish, we put the buyer directly in touch with you. If you elect, we can handle the actual closing for you, and our settlement fee of $495, which includes, escrow, title research, etc., is paid by the buyer.


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General information: info@timeshares-timeshares.com
Sales; sales@timeshares-timeshares.com


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